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Xpress Super adds SMAs to service

SuperGuardian’s SMSF administration and investment service aimed at trustees, Xpress Super, has partnered with Macquarie to provide its clients with access to a separately managed account (SMA) facility.

“We’ve partnered with Macquarie, who for the first time has taken its SMA product and provided it for the retail market,” SuperGuardian chief executive Olivia Long told selfmanagedsuper.

“Traditionally, the Macquarie SMA is a service that was provided to advisers internally, who made it available for wholesale clients. They’ve changed that structure and now they have a business model where you can invest in the SMA with parcels starting from $50,000, which I think is really exciting.”

The SMA facility marks the first of a number of new investment asset classes Xpress Super will be offering to SMSF trustees.

“We’re about to add property to the menu as well. It’s an area that scares me because a lot of people with SMSFs invest in property when they don’t fully understand what they need to consider first,” Long said.

Xpress Super was soft launched by SuperGuardian in April and is being officially launched this month.

In providing the offering, SuperGuardian is looking to give SMSF trustees a facility in which to run their SMSFs with up-to-date information and the necessary compliance reporting in a cost-effective manner.

Xpress Super uses Class Super as its administration platform, which includes a number of direct data feeds allowing trustees to access the most current information.

According to Long, there were cheap SMSF administration service providers in the market that were not offering a great amount of value; a situation she wanted to address via Xpress Super.

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