SMSF Awards 2016: Audit function provider winner

Evolv’s technology-based audit approach facilitates its automated process, which is redefining the way SMSF audits are performed.

“Our job is to stay ahead of the new era of disruption by introducing new ways of how audits are done in the future to a new and appreciative audience: forward-thinking accountants and auditors looking for solutions that Evolv’s award-winning services and products can deliver,” Evolv executive director Ron Phipps-Ellis says.

Commenting on the demand for audit solutions this year compared to other years, Phipps-Ellis reveals value for money and building relationships with customers have been paramount.

“The demand from customers to deliver a cheaper audit without compromising on quality will not relent,” he says.

“Our focus has always been and will continue to be to provide our clients with SMSF audits of the highest quality while continuing to evolve and keep at the forefront of the industry.

“We are at the forefront in embracing data and other electronic feeds to approach the audit process differently.”

Phipps-Ellis, who has been a specialist SMSF auditor since 2005, says the business has a passionate team of nearly 40 people.

“All of our auditors are qualified or near-qualified accountants. There are five ASIC registered SMSF auditors,” he says.

“Evolv’s culture is one of constant change, improvement and innovation. We measure time savings in minutes in order to streamline the audit process and reduce queries to our customers.

“And customers are coming to expect that auditors can create value back to their business, rather than just perform an audit.”

In keeping with Evolv’s commitment to constant improvement, over the next few months the business will announce the next stage of its evolution.

“We are proud to announce the launches of Evolv White and Evolv Grey to complement our existing full service audit, which we are now naming Evolv Black,” Phipps-Ellis reveals.

“Three equal but different services, these new offerings are to be launched in stages over the coming months and have been built by forward-thinking auditors, exclusively for accountants and other auditors who just want the best quality, efficiency and value that is synonymous with the Evolv trademark.

“Whether you choose to access our technology platform (Evolv White), harness our power while still maintaining your own brand (Evolv Grey), or entrust your complete SMSF audits to us (Evolv Black), Evolv has the product that’s right for you.

“Evolv keeps redefining both our company and the industry as a whole.”

He says he hopes winning the award provides further assurance to the firm’s customers they are partnering with an industry leader that’s truly innovative and independent.

“We are thankful to both the advisers and the trustees for having confidence in voting for us and for their continued loyalty and support,” he says.

“We would personally also like to thank the team at Evolv for their hard work and continued efforts in achieving the highest standards. Without their dedication and contribution this award would not have been possible.”

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